Our Goals for Our Members:
  • Contribute to the betterment of the local community through various service projects
  • Provide social opportunities to enhance and enrich their lives
  • Be advocates for the improvement of the health, safety and welfare of our community residents
What is Happening Now:
General Meeting:
Our meeting will be this upcoming Wednesday, May 3rd.  We are graciously being hosted by our friends at Rancho Damacitas.  The timing of meeting will be a bit out of the norm due to the tours that they are providing to us.
Rancho Damacitas benefits from our big event October 2017.  It is a great opportunity for us all to see their campus and find out more about what great things that they do for our community.

1.  Yes, I would love to tour the campus before the meeting and dinner.  I will be there at 4:30pm for a tour.

2.  Yes, I will be attending the meeting and dinner at 6pm but will not be taking a tour.

3.  Yes, I will be attending the meeting but will not be having dinner.

Meeting to be held and hosted at Rancho Damacitas,
38950 Mesa Rd, Temecula, CA 92592 (951) 302-2317

Please RSVP to Brooke White brookehilyard@gmail.com (Barbara is on vacation) as soon as you are able.  It is very important that we know if you would like to tour also!!!
Please bring the $12 you always do and please know that it is time for our yearly dues of $50.
Thank you and hope to see everyone on Wednesday.
Rummage Sale:   April 28, 29 and 30 at Mary Sedano's Tennis Court. This event was very successful.  Thank you Mary Lawrence for your leadership.  Also to all members who donated their time a big thank you!!!
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2016 Rummage Sale